About Heath

Heath is a Professional Australian session guitarist, guitar teacher and repairer. He has toured nationally and internationally, appeared on TV & radio with artists such as Celine Dion, Jim Conway, Joshua Kadison, Southbound, Lior and Equals Three.
Heath Has Played 1,000’s of live gigs and has been a classroom, workshop and private Guitar teacher for over 10 years.
He has taken a large number of students from beginners
to accomplished guitar players.
Quite a few of his students are now creating Professional playing careers for themselves.
At one point all of us guitar players, regardless of what level we’re at, have been intrigued by the sound or the look or the way the guitar makes us feel. That’s what I endeavor to capture with my teaching and playing.
It’s that passion that drives me to play and teach. My aim is to help my students to get in touch with the passion that drives them.

Check out my current band FREERIDE

I remember the first few times I was exposed to the guitar. Those moments burned into my memory and the excitement and wonder of those times still lives with me whenever I pick up the guitar.
I was 9 years old, It was Christmas time and I was watching a music TV program here in Australia called “Countdown”. There was a band on called “Hush” and they were playing their latest hit single “Boney Maronie” I was just glued to the TV watching this guitarist (who I was fortunate enough to meet 15 years later) I pointed at the TV and said to my mum “I wanna do that” My rock’n’roll dream life had begun.
After obsessively playing the guitar for many years and winning lots of local contests with my brother and the next door neighbour, I heard the sound of a guitar in a movie theater. It was the background music to a piece of film footage. That guitar sound moved me so intensely that I had to know what it was and who it was playing that I searched for years to find out. The sound was so entrenched in my memory that I couldn’t forget it. I later found out that it was Mark Knopfler of the band Dire Straits. I proceeded to buy everything this band and this guy had ever released and sat down and learned everything I could from listening to the albums and watching the videos.
My studies continued as I learned from playing professionally from the age of seventeen and listening to and meeting guitar players like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Tommy Emanual and Ian Moss.

Check out this video below, look out for the ridiculous puffy shirt I wore on a promotional tour with Celine Dion (fortunately I didn’t own the shirt) eeek!

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