Blues Tracks that actually sound awesome

Blues Tracks that actually sound awesome and you can use.

I’ve been recently jamming with some of my students with these blues tracks.
I’ve made some of my own in the past and these one just top those easily.
there are many keys and different feels to work with and there is only one thing that will happen if you work with tracks like these. You will become a better player just for playing through and really listening and working with the keys and temposĀ PlusĀ its just great fun to jam along to a decent blues groove.
When my wife and daughter go out shopping i often turn these tracks up loud and flick o my line 6 pod and wail away. the best fun =)….recommended !

You can download over 60 blues jam tracks
with video tutorials, chords and scales.

I’ve just previewed all the tracks and I’m
completely blown away with the extensive
range and quality of the package.

This makes learning guitar improvisation

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