My Run In with The Police

Yes I had a run in with The Police when I was young.

Well maybe not that kind you’re thinking. Although some of the
things my friends and I got up too…if we’d been caught we’d
sure seen the wrong side of the law.

Enough of that, back to the story

In 1979 the Police (the band) Sting Andy Summers and Stuart Copeland
released a song which has become a standard or even classic rock song.

I was a young tacker, but my older Brother was very much into this band and particularly
this song Message in a Bottle.

Not only is it a fantastic song with great hooks and great guitar, it’s really fun to
play and revolves around the use of an Add 9 shape and sound.

It’s an interesting sound and was used in quite a few other Police songs.
The riff really gets us to make some pretty big finger stretches an is best played with
1st, 2nd and 4th fingers on the fretting hand and ideally each riff is picked down.

The timing is a bit tricky at first as it is anticipated early than we sometimes expect as it crosses the bars.
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