Warm Up Secrets..

To play guitar well at the best of times you need to be relaxed and practiced.
Many times we can have difficulty playing a particular part in a song because
we are not warmed up. I suggest to all my students, every practice session they do, to be preceded with

warm up exercises (about 10 mins)

Avoid injury

Our hands have a very complex set of muscles that need to be trained and
strengthened to comply with whats required to play well.
Like athletes we need to warm up those muscle, tendons and joints so they
can perform at their peak when needed.
If you start out just going hard you can develop injuries that can stay for months.
I did this once and ended up playing gigs and rehearsals with pain in my left hand
which would not end until i began to look after my hands

Muscle memory

By taking simple exercises and playing them repeatedly we develop
a muscle or finger memory. After a number of repeats your fingers will start automatically going where they are suppose to without much effort.
Strumming basic chord exercises can help you get those hard to get chord
changes moving fluently

E.g.: C / / / / |F / / / / | G7 / / / | C / / / | Rpt

or something a little more challenging
E7 / B7 / |A7 / Am7 /| B / F#7 F#b9 | E7 |

Below is a simple warm up using all four fingers on your left hand
(if your play right handed) on all strings and using alternate picking (down + up)
Using the fingers on your left hand consecutively 1, 2, 3, 4 one finger per fret whilst picking down up with your right hand. Then move on to the next string and repeat the process .

The most common mistake made here is to go too fast too soon.
Take it slow and even, the object is to get consistency, good tone and team work
between your hands NOT speed. That will come naturally if you get the exercise going correctly.
There are 23 other combinations of this exercise using your four fingers try em all.

Have Fun

Keep Playing

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