When Too Many Guitars is Never enough!

On a trip to Japan last year (four day stop over) I was intent on seeing the “guitar district” I had heard so much about. So on the last day I dragged my wife and daughter there and I got “stuck” in this street in Ochanomizu city ( a short tube ride from Tokyo)

My wife shot this video because I was so overwhelmed just by the sheer amount of instruments I could not speak for around an hour. My brain started to hurt as there was just soooooo much to look at. I needed a good lay down after that lol.

I was only there for 3 hours and had to rush to get through the stores and see what I could. Two days spent there would not be wasted and I know I would not come home empty handed – there was just so many guitars there. Still amazed just watching this back.

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11 Responses to When Too Many Guitars is Never enough!

  1. Charlie Ford says:

    Thanks to your wife for shooting the vid. Is this a stupid question, are all the guitars made in Japan. I know Fender do some excellent strats and tele’s but do Gibson have “made in Japan” ? Also how do the prices compare ? I’m off to NY next May and will see what I can find there (I’d like a restoration project) but did you see any secondhand oldies there ?? I saw the (electric) ukulele’s (Eleuka ??) haha. Good one, thanks again, Charlie

    • admin says:

      Hey Charlie – most of the guitars I saw there where USA made – all the 100’s of Les Pauls in the shot were USA made and also the Strats and tele’s USA made.
      There were a few music shops which just had floors and floors of Japanese made guitar and there was a whole floor that just had USA made Martin Acoustics.

      If you ever get to Japan that street is a must visit and plan a full day =)

  2. Chuck says:

    Wow, I enjoyed the video. I would never have gotten off that street

  3. Michael says:

    Funny the same thing happened to me in Seoul, Korea. Went to the Jongno-gu district where they had a three story building that took up two blocks. I nicknamed it the land of 10,000 guitars.

  4. Peter says:

    far out!
    does it appear that you can get a better deal in Japan?

    I did notice that one of the Les Pauls was 220,000 yen, I presume, which converted to almost 3k US.
    220,000.00 JPY = 2,826.31 USD

    But, then again, factor in the travel, etc.

    did you hear any really good pickin’??????

  5. Charles Davis says:

    Never imagined that guitars would be that plentyfull in any other country, especially Japan. Would think the U>S>A> would be the one. A good video tho, just moved a little fast with the camera, but with all of the guitars to try and cover I can understand why, wish I could go there.

  6. ?Bigbluemarbles says:

    I used to live in Tokyo. Ochanomizu isn’t just for guitars, it’s got everything music related, from bizarre instruments to rare-record stores. But J-folks sure love guitars, that’s for sure. The floor space of the stores tends to be pretty small, so you get alot of instruments packed in there.
    No self respecting person in Japan that plays an electric would ever, ever play a guitar that isn’t American made. I live in Thailand now, where a Japanese-made guitar is a very desirable item, and goes for considerably more here than in Japan. Ibanez is big name brand in Thailand, while I have never once seen a Japanese person in Japanese playing one, and I lived there for 15 years!

  7. Kaulana Scalise says:

    Awesome!!! And this, I am sure hardly describes the feeling(s) you must of felt being surrounded by all these guitars and ukuleles!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  8. Lance says:

    Wow, Guitar “Blade Runner?” Like when I saw MOMA in NY or the Louvre as an art student. “Over-stimulation” is the term — brain shut-down and loss of voice. But don’t you worry about the lack of climate control? Thanks for the peek, Heath — still loving Riffmaster.

  9. Clive Rodell says:

    Guess, it’s like vintage drum kits, you can never have enough!


  10. Tim says:

    Pretty cool. I was in Nashville the other day and had a similar experience at the Guitar Center there. That was a nice store and SUPER friendly staff. Can’t say the same thing for the Guitar Center in my hometown, unfortunately.

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