Which Pick to Pick?

Paul asked

What type of pick do you use and thickness ??

Good question.

I use a Jim Dunlop 0.60mm Grey nylon pick.

I’ve used those for about 15 years and I find them
very easy to play with because they have a good flex
for strumming. I like to feel the pick bend a bit when I’m playing rhythm parts.
Then when I pick solos for instance I will hold the pick a little closer to the end
which then keeps the pick more rigid and easier to pick fast runs or riffs.

There is no rules when It come to picks. What pick you use is really a
personal choice. A choice  of what you like.
If you don’t yet have a favorite pick then go to you local
music shop and grab a handful ranging in thicknesses from thin to

Play everything you know with each pick and play just one type for a few days
and then try another.

When I first started play guitar I used really heavy picks and I was heavy handed also
so i would often break strings. Then one of my teachers suggested I try a lighter pick (.60mm)
I did and it felt very strange until I stuck with that pick for a week and I never went back
to the heavy ones.

Happy Pickin

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