You got the Timing?

Music Fundamentals – Timing

This week I’ve been working with my private
students on the real fundamentals of timing.

Here’ a quick link to a great free online
metronome you can use to practice with

Try starting with chord exercises and progressions
say between 60bpm – 80bpm
then moving to scales and maybe riffs and licks.

No matter if you play drums, piano, guitar, or any
other musical instrument, timing has an enormous
affect on how good you will sound.

Impeccable timing will make even the dullest melody
shine while poor timing will make a fantastic
melody loose its appeal.

Remember timing is a
skill that can be learned and improved.

If you want to get something that you can play along
to that sounds better than that incessant “TICK TICK TICK”

I recommend you look at the quickbeat Drummer.
This one has tons of real sampled drumbeats to jam
along with.

This one is not free but worth a look anyway

Keep Rocking

Are you still here?

Go grab your instrument!

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